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Officers ward

The Officers' Ward by Marc Dugain
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Directed by John Taylor
BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Play - 09.11.2002


After a shell explodes on the Western Front, Adrien Fournier comes to in the mysterious silence of the Officers' Ward.
He understands little except that his life has been altered forever, as he begins an unprecedented journey to the remotest outposts of human experience, where heroism, friendship, pity and humour take unexpected new forms.


  • Adrien Fournier....Geoffrey Streatfeild
  • Clemence....Megan Dodds
  • Pierre Weil....Alan Cox
  • Henri De Penanster....Nicholas Rowe
  • Marguerite....Maxine Peake
  • Nurse....Poppy Miller
  • Doctor....Jonathan Keeble
  • Grichard....Don McCorkindale

Critical Reception[]