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The Piano Tuner's Wives is a radio play by William Trevor. It was first broadcast on the BBC World Service on 10 July 1996[1].


In the County of Cork, young piano tuner Owen Dromgould, blind since birth, sets out on a marriage he hopes will be for life.


  • Owen Dromgould - Denys Hawthorne
  • Belle - Kate Binchy
  • Violet - Marcella Riordan
  • Younger Dromgould - Kilian McKenna
  • Reverend Mother Carmel McSharry
  • Johnny Higgins - Sean Barrett
  • The Lighthouse Man - James Berwick
  • Mrs. Granahan Janet Maw
  • Younger Clergyman - Christopher Scott
  • The Nun - Joanna Monro
  • Directed by David Hitchinson

Critical Reception[]