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The RTÉ Radio musical drama 'The Pied Piper' was written by Bernard Farrell with music and lyrics by Donovan , who played the main character, and Spike Milligan as the Burgermeister was first broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 on 26 December 1992


Spike Milligan, as the Burgermeister

Donovan, composer of the music and also played the Pied Piper in this production

Conor Farrington played Br Malachy

Colette Proctor as Mother

Naomi Coleman as one of the Children of Hamelin

Cathryn Brennan as Ilsa

Daniel Reardon as Councillor

Jerry Walsh as Town Crier/Councillor

Jim Reid as Fr O'Donnell

Scott Fredericks as Dr Verner

Barry Glennon as Cormac

Rory Keenan as Karl

writer Bernard Farrell

producer/director Laurence Foster


'The Pied Piper' was the first radio drama to be compiled and edited on digital computer. The RTÉ Guide previewed it on 18 December 1992 and the RTÉ staff magazine 'Access' also published an article about it on 17 December 1992.  

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Photo of a rehearsal from RTÉ archive