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The Pilgrim's Progress is a three-part radio play by Brian Sibley, adapted from John Bunyan's Christian allegory. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004. The running time of each installment is 60 minutes.


A pilgrim discovers the meaning of faith on a journey toward the Celestial City.


Episode Title Broadcast Date Summary
Part 1 "Escape from the City of Destruction" January 4, 2004
Part 2 "The Journey to Vanity Fair" January 11, 2004
Part 3 "The Road to the Celestial City" January 18, 2004


  • John Bunyan - Anton Rodgers
  • Elizabeth - Caroline Lee Johnson
  • Christian - Neil Dudgeon
  • Evangelist - Alec McCowen
  • Beelzebub - Don Warrington
  • Pliable - Philip Fox
  • Obstinate - Chris Moran
  • Help - Jamie Barbakoff
  • Goodwill - Lydia Leonard
  • Caged Man - Peter Bowles
  • The Jailer - Ioan Meredith
  • The Judge - Derek Waring
  • The Angel - Cherie Taylor-Battiste
  • The Children - Sophie Levy and Nayla Levy
  • Interpreter - Anna Massey
  • Music by David Chilton
  • Directed by Pam Fraser Solomon

Critical Reception[]

"Brian Sibley's adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress, the new Classic Serial (Sun, repeated Sat) is very good, the acting is first-rate, and Pam Fraser Solomon's production the best she has ever done."[1]