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Broadcast on RTÉ • 23 May 2012 • 1 Hour


A wayward character sells his soul to become a master of the Uilleann Pipes, in a comic odyssey from Enniskillen to New York via ‘Augustinian whirlpools of vice’.


Talking to The Journal of Music, Kelly explained that it is based on a Faustian or Robert Johnson-like story he published years ago, which he recently decided to rework as a break from other writing projects. ‘It’s totally rewritten. Only Liam remains, really.’

From the moment he started on it he had sound-effects in mind, Kelly says, and thought of collaborating with RTÉ producer Kevin Brew (of Si Schroeder and Headgear). ‘I knew he had the right “sonic sensibility” to help realise the ideas I had for it … Actually, I’d hesitate to call it a play. It’s more a “piece for radio”, in that it involves a level of DJ shadow work, sonically and musically, that only someone like Kevin … or maybe Brian Eno … could achieve.’

‘It’s about a young lad’s desire to be a master piper like his hero Liam O’Flynn, who is a God-like figure to him. He’s willing to go to any lengths, some very extreme, to get there. Even though it’s intended to be funny, and I hope it is, it is serious about music, about the power of music.’


Featuring Barry McGovern, Conor MacNeill , Michael McElhatton , Steve Blount, Kathy Rose O’Brien, Joe Taylor and Kerstin Aquaviva

Original Pipe Recordings by Liam O'Flynn : versions of ‘An Buachaill Caol Dubh’ and the hornpipe ‘Queen of the Fairies’.

Written by John Kelly

Producer: Kevin Brew

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