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The Proust Screenplay is a radio play by Michael Bakewell, based on Harold Pinter's screenplay for Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temp perdu. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 31 December 1995[1].



  • Narrator - Harold Pinter
  • Marcel - Douglas Hodge
  • Charlus - John Wood


  • Emma Fielding

Directed by Ned Chaillet

Critical Reception[]

"The Proust Screenplay on radio left you little the wiser about what The Proust Screenplay might have been like on screen. As radio, while it washard to follow, it was also gripping. One reason was Pinter's own narration, which was the best piece of acting by him I've come across - holding the action together, giving a sense of unity to the tricksy chronology. A fine performance, too, from John Wood, as Charlus, an elderly aristo with a taste for the lash. Douglas Hodge's Marcel, our sensitive hero, made comparatively little impression; but that's probably what he was there for."- Robert Hanks, The Independent[2]