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The Psychedelic Spy is a radio serial by Andrew Rissik. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1990, as five 45-minute episodes[1].


A 60's spy thriller. Assassin Billy Hindle is forced to do one last job.


  • Billy Hindle - James Aubrey
  • Sir Richard Snark - Gerald Harper
  • Tara Lightborn - Joanna Lumley
  • Jack Lightborn - Charles Gray
  • Morris Browning - Robert Eddison
  • Larry Cosbury - Michael Cochrane
  • Alex Linstrom - Ed Bishop
  • Marianne - Lisa Rowe-Beddoe
  • Mr. Mason - Paul Downing
  • Mr. Prendergast - Malcolm Gerard
  • Stella Golding - Tara Dominick
  • Hugo Bailey - Nigel Carrington
  • Duncan Taylor - Fraser Kerr
  • Engineer - Paul Rosebury
  • Menolo - Ben Onwukwe


  • Brian Miller
  • Jane Whittenshaw
  • David Bannerman
  • Elizabeth Mansfield

Directed by Glyn Dearman


Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Running Scared" 02 August 1990 Billy Hindle's given up his job as an assassin, but then his old boss turns up.
02 "Mondays Are Hell" 09 August 1990 Forced to give up Marianne, assassin Billy Hindle is blackmailed into one last job.
03 "Plastic Assassin" 16 August 1990 On Temptation Island, Hindle plans to kill Jack's wife, Tara.
04 "Orange Juice and Sugar" 23 August 1990 Hindle is drugged by Jack and finds himself hallucinating.
05 "Everyone's Been Burned" 30 August 1990 Reeling from the shooting, Billy Hindle is determined to track down the killer.


Critical Reception[]

"This five-part thriller has the plot of a Bond movie and the ambience of a Chandler novel and, after just one episode, the stamp of a classic. Rissik's script is studded with brilliant one-liners and doomy humour, while producer Glyn Dearman captures the buzz of the 'sixties with hits from the period, and brings out cracking performances from James Aubrey as the down-at-heel hero, former assassin, Billy Hindle, and Gerald Harper as his oleaginous puppet-master, Sir Richard Snark." (Quentin Curtis, The Independent On Sunday) [3]