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Tin Drum

The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial - 07.03.1999
2 x 60mins episodes


Gunter Grass' classic novel of the rise and fall of Hitler as seen through the eyes of the dwarfish narrator, Oskar Matzerath. Not caring for the world he is growing up in, a small boy determines to remain a child. The epic sweep of Grass' novel satirises German nationalism and the rise and fall of the Nazi movement.


Episode 1 - 07.03.1999 - Germany, 1930. Hitler rises to power.Three-year-old Oskar decides to stop growing and talking. Instead, he plays his tin drum through the dark years of Nazism.
Episode 2 - 14.03.1999 - The Second World War is raging. Oskar, on the run, discovers sex, jazz and the black market. Soon his mad drumming will make him a star.


  • Phil Daniels as Oskar
  • Kenneth Cranham as Matzerath
  • Lesley Manville
  • Stephen Critchlow
  • Tracey Wiles
  • Jane Whittenshaw
  • David Collins
  • Geoffrey Whitehead
  • Jonathon Keeble
  • Nigel Anthony
  • Patience Tomlinson

Critical Reception[]