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The Truck by Annie Caulfield
Directed by Toby Smith
BBC Radio 4 - 6 part comedy drama
6 x 30mins


Episode 1 - 10.01.2001 - Helen nervously sets off on what she hopes will be a life-changing journey: a budget safari in East Africa with her bubbly flatmate, Perry.
Episode 2 - 17.01.2001 - The rubbish safari continues - until the grouchy driver reveals some terrible news about the truck.
Episode 3 - 24.01,2001 - The useless safari continues - not quite as tour-leader Jim had planned, thanks to the group demanding to visit some allegedly scenic waterfalls.
Episode 4 - 31.01.2001 - The pathetic safari continues, and crotchety Susan surprises everyone by saving the day in an unexpectedly vigorous fashion.
Episode 5 - 07.02.2001 - The pathetic safari continues, with the group visiting a `genuine' Masai village.
Episode 6 - 14.02.2001 - The appalling safari staggers to its conclusion by the shores of Lake Victoria, where nothing is so impressive as dull Graham's inflatable swimming trunks.


  • Melanie Hudson
  • Stuart Graham
  • Vincent Ebrahim
  • Richenda Carey