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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is an audio drama forFocus on the Family Radio Theatre’s Chronicles of Narnia series, produced in 1999 and released in 2001. Though The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is third in publication order, it is fifth in chronological order.


Voice tracks were recorded in 1999 at The Soundhouse LTD in London.

  • Douglas Gresham - Host
  • Paul Scofield - Narrator
  • David Suchet - Aslan
  • Matthew White - Edmund
  • Elizabeth Eaton - Lucy
  • Steven Webb - Eustace
  • Joe Shaw - King Caspian
  • Robert Benfield - Reepicheep
  • Stephen Aintree - Lord Drinian/guard
  • Norman Bowler - Coriakin
  • Bernard Cribbins - Chief Duffer
  • Chris Emmett - Duffer
  • Martin Friend - Ramandu
  • Peter Goodwright - King Miraz/Lord Revilian
  • Michael Haughey - Lord Bern/Lord Mavramorn
  • Freddie Jones - Gumpas
  • Katherine Kellgren - Lady
  • David Oakley - Lord Argoz
  • Philip Sherlock – Rynelf/Dilber
  • Mervyn Stutter - Pug
  • Simon Treves - Lord Rhoop
  • Zoe Verner - Marjorie Preston


  • Daniel Philpott
  • Katy Glassborow
  • Lynn Robertson Hay


  • Philip Glassborow - Casting Director
  • Dave Arnold - Producer
  • Paul McCusker - Executive Producer
  • Kurt Bruner - Executive Producer
  • Orchestra Recorded at Martinsound, Alhambra, California
    Mixed at Castle *Oaks Recording Studio, Calabasas, California
  • Dave Arnold - Sound Design
  • John Campbell - Music Composer
  • Jim Scheffler - Recording and Mixing
  • Jonathan Crowe - Voice Track Editor
  • Dave Arnold - Voice Recording Engineer
  • Voice Tracks recorded at The Soundhouse, Ltd., London


  • According to singer and actress Jessica Oyelowo, the original prologue was going to be a scene in which the dryad sings her lullaby to Reepicheep, with Oyelowo doing the voice of the nymph.
  • Lord Bern was originally going to be voiced by Andrew Harrison, who would later go on to work on several productions by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. However, Harrison became ill around the time of recording, and Michael haughey instead landed the role at the last minute.
    • Harrison would eventually voice the characters of CAPTAIN BURKE and REYNOLDS in another C.S. Lewis Radio Theatre audio drama, C.S. Lewis at War (2013), which was Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's final production before the Radio Theatre series was taken over by the Augustine Institute.