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The Wall by Ed Harris
Directed by Jonquil Panting
BBC Radio 3 - The Wire - 26.02.2011
Duration 30mins


Paul and Anna wake up one morning to find their neighbourhood has been enclosed by a wall. The gates are guarded and anyone wanting to cross into the rest of the city has to apply for a pass.
They are told the Wall is there to protect them against violence between rival postcode gangs. They are told that their local community is being challenged by central government to do more for themselves. They are told that only certain individuals will qualify for a pass. And that they don't.
The Wall takes a provocative look at growing social inequality, using an image we're more used to seeing as a symbol of divided cultures abroad - in Gaza, or Baghdad, or Berlin, or in the ghettoes of the second World War - and to explore the unseen divisions in our own cities. The Wall doesn't just divide neighbourhoods. Soon it's tearing apart the people inside them.


  • Paul ..... Javone Prince
  • Anna ..... Louise Brealey
  • Joyce ..... Dona Croll
  • Hugh ..... Sam Dale
  • Kasey ..... Jessica Raine
  • Dylan ..... Nyasha Hatendi
  • Clarence ..... Sean Baker
  • Alex ..... Stuart McLoughlin
  • with Jo Monro

Critical Reception[]