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RTÉ Radio drama, Prix Italia winner in 1961. First broadcast on March 1961 , later broadcast by BbC three programme on July

The drama narrates with deceptive simplicity the arguments of two old men over the proper site for the weaver's burial. As their absurd, comic controversy rages, new love and life begin for his youthful widow.

Short Story written by Seumus O’Kelly, adapted and pProduced by Michael O hAodha, starring Thomas Studley as Cahir Bowes, it also stars Eamon Kelly, Pegg  Monahan, Frank O’Dwyer, Arthur Sullivan, Brendan Cauldwell and Henry Comerford.


The Storyteller: Frank O'Dwyer

The Grave-diggers: Niall Tobin

The Grave-diggers: Eamonn Kelly

Micheal Lynskey the nail-maker: Harry Brogan

Cahir Bowes, the stone-maker: Thomas Studley

The Widow: Pegg Monahan

Nan Roohan: Maire O'Sullivan

Malachi Roohan the cooper: Arthur O'Suiiivan

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