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The Year My Mother Went Missing is a radio play by Katie Hims. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 10 May 2011, as an installment of the Afternoon Play[1]. It is the second play in Hims' Lost Property trilogy. The first play was The Wrong Label and the third is A Telegram from the Queen.

The play won a BBC Audio Drama Award in the category of Best Audio Drama for 2011.


It's 1979, and it's not the first time that Ruthie's mother Queenie has gone missing, but usually she leaves a note.


  • Narrator ..... Rosie Cavaliero
  • Ruthie ..... Shannon Flynn
  • Vincent ..... Ceallach Spellman
  • Marcus ..... Elliott Griffiths
  • Dad ..... Ralph Ineson
  • Ray ..... Daniel Rabin
  • Alice ..... Jane Whittenshaw
  • Queenie ..... Sally Orrock
  • PC O'Hara ..... Stuart McLoughlin
  • DI Driscoll ..... Sean Baker

Critical Reception[]