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Threehander by Paula Meehan. Drama produced by RTÈ and broadcast in Sunday Playhouse RTÉ Radio 1, Sunday 23 October 2005.

The script was published in Music for Dogs: Work for Radio by Paula Meehan. Dedalus Press, 2008

Why does someone attempt to commit suicide? Sometimes the person themselves doesn’t even know. “I was sad,” she says. “For years I was sad. But I felt if I could just shift sideways a bit, just shake off some veil over my eyes, just look at the world clear eyed – I would be in a state of bliss. That sadness was infinitesimally close to absolute joy. Both sides of one coin as it were and if I could just flip the coin over I’d be rapturously happy.” But nothing changed, until the doctor prescribed Seroxat and then it all went to hell in a basket. But even in her attempt at suicide she’s a failure and now she lies in her comatose state listening to her estranged parents sparring with one another while she tries in vain to communicate.

Starring Ruth McCabe, Garrett Keogh and Laura Murphy.

Producer: Cathryn Brennan