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Writing the Century 12: 1966-1969 - Pleidiol Wyf I'm Gwlad/True To My Land is a radio serial by Tina Pepler, the twelfth installment in the Writing the Century series. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2010, as a Woman's Hour drama. It consists of five 15-minute episodes.


Based on documents at the National Library of Wales, this series explores the twentieth century through the diaries and correspondence of real people, focusing in this case on Wales and Welsh identity.


  • Glanmor - William Thomas
  • Fay - Helen Griffin
  • Sharon - Elin Phillips
  • Mami - Sharon Morgan
  • Gwen - Anya Murphy
  • Iwan - Dewi Rhys Williams
  • John Rowley - Richard Mitchley
  • George Cook - Richard Nichols
  • Gareth - Liam James
  • Rhys - Sam Jones
  • Dewi - Scott Arthur
  • Mike - Gareth Williams
  • Janet - Catrin Stewart
  • Original music by Nicolai Abrahamsen
  • Directed by Kate McAll


Episode Number Broadcast Date Summary
01 08 February 2010 In the 1960s Welsh identity was under threat. Sharon Morgan was a young history student at Cardiff University; Sir Glanmor Williams was an eminent historian, and a member of the Broadcasting Council for Wales. Despite their differences, the student activist and the establishment figure shared the same passion for Wales and the Welsh language. We follow them through these turbulent years as the nation begins to reassert itself.
02 09 February 2010 Glanmor's Broadcasting Council for Wales meeting has been interrupted by news of a disaster at Aberfan. Sharon learns of the tragedy when hitchhiking back from a night out.
03 10 February 2010 Glanmor is invited by the Duke of Norfolk to serve on the Investiture Committee. Sharon and her friends in the Welsh Language Society continue their peaceful protests, while others begin to take a more dangerous route.
04 11 February 2010 Sharon and friends petition the BBC for more programmes in Welsh, while Glanmor puts the case for a Welsh commentator for the Investiture.
05 12 February 2010 Sharon protests against the Investiture by taking part in a vigil at Cilmeri. Then news comes through that two men have blown themselves up on the way to plant a bomb on the railway line. Glanmor feels the tension in the air at the Investiture but all goes off without a hitch. Then Sharon makes a life-changing decision.


Critical Reception[]