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Uncle Mort's South Country is a comedy series by Peter Tinniswood. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1990 with a second series later that year. Each episode is 30 minutes in length[1]. These two series were preceded by Uncle Mort's North Country and followed by Uncle Mort's Celtic Fringe.


Uncle Mort and his nephew Carter Brandon have comedic adventures in southern England.



Directed by Pete Atkin

Series One[]

Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "We've Only Just Started" 12 July 1990 Carter Brandon drives his uncle down south, but trouble looms at a pub stop.
02 "Three Star Comfort" 19 July 1990 Uncle Mort and Carter Brandon spend a night in a three-star hotel. So why the Primus stove, paraffin and tin of bully beef?
03 "A Night On the Town" 26 July 1990 In Soho, it's Carter's first look at exotic dancers, but not Uncle Mort's.
04 "Admiral of the Night" 02 August 1990 After visiting Hampton Court, Carter's uncle spots a fellow war veteran.
05 "In A Jam" 09 August 1990 Uncle Mort is in a traffic jam - just the place to pontificate on how to extract a gramophone from a pair of plus fours.

Series Two[]

Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "The Great Escape" 27 October 1990 Carter Brandon and his uncle are chuffed to find a miserable home from home.
02 "The Hitchhiker" 03 November 1990 Giving a lift to a passenger causes some surprises for Carter and his uncle.
03 "The Brothers Rotten" 10 November 1990 Carter Brandon and his uncle let rip at their food, the clergy and the army.
04 "Kindlewood Night" 17 November 1990 A mysterious night of passion and kindling awaits Carter Brandon and his uncle.
05 "The End of the Road" 24 November 1990 Carter Brandon and his uncle enjoy a near fatal finale to their travels.

Critical Reception[]