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Whoppers is a series of radio plays for children by Steve Walker. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 from August to November 1991. Each play is 30 minutes in length[1].


704-year-old Colonel Digby Throckmorton tells his suicidal sidekick a series of stories to cheer him up. Each story is filled with impossible lies that may in fact, be true.


Directed by Sally Avens


Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Bees Will Be Bees"
02 "Mickey Mookey"
03 "The Zaratan"
04 "A Mammoth Whopper"
05 "The Icemen Are Coming!"
06 "The Shaggy Beast"
07 "The Thing at the Top of the Tree"
08 "Taramosalata"
09 "The Poshest Ever Whopper"

Critical Reception[]

The episode Mickey Mookey won a Giles Cooper Award in 1991, Walker's second such award.


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