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Wild Hackney is an audio docu-drama produced for the Hackney Podcast. It was first made available online as edition 21 of the podcast, on 10 July 2011[1]. The drama was commissioned by Folly For A Flyover as part of CREATE 2011 festival, and installed in the canoe boats to be listened to on the journey from the Middlesex Filterbeds along to Fish Island and the Olympic site.

The drama was nominated for the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Awards in the category of Best Internet Only Audio Drama as well as the Innovation Award.


Docu-drama inspired by the Victorian Gothic novel After London by Richard Jefferies. In this dystopian landscape, London has flooded, leaving a few survivors to roam the marshland. Using field recordings, the producers paint a future of chaos, ruin, and rebirth.


  • Narrator - Frank Burnet
  • Produced by Francesca Panetta and Russell Finch
  • Contributors: The Marshman, Leo Mellor, and the River Gypsies
  • Music: Andrew Pekler, Kev Hopper and Chapters
  • Additional help: Xavier Zapata and Alex Hocking

Critical Reception[]

"It's a cacophony of local voices, recorded in situ, and led by narrator Frank Burnett, whose commanding voice is a cross between the mayor and Will Self. Everyone talks about layers of the city, revealed and renewed by the water, and there's a strong theme of urban rebirth, for all the chaos and devastation." You can see the sinews and fibres under the surface," we're told, as if the city is a wrecked body. But some things never change. "If my mother could see me now," a young man says, "she'd be bitterly disappointed."

This evocative fiction hovers over such moments in an imagined future to make haunting, magical radio." - Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian[2]

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