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Wings is a radio play by Arthur Kopit. It was first broadcast on NPR's Earplay on 01 January 1978. Kopit was commissioned by Earplay in 1976, and was inspired by his father's stroke to write a play on the subject. The character of Emily is a composite of two different people that Kopit met[1].


Emily Stilson, an elderly woman, experiences a debilitating stroke. The play presents her psychological experience of aphagia through a collage of sounds and words.


  • Emily Stilson - Mildred Dunnock
  • Amy - Cara Duff-MacCormick


  • Richard Ramos
  • Zoaunne LeRoy
  • Peter Getz
  • Michael Laskin
  • Original music by Herb Pilhofer
  • Directed by John Madden

Critical Reception[]

Critiqued in detail by Elissa S. Guralnick in her book Sight Unseen.

The play was awarded a Prix Italia in 1979.


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