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Winston is a radio comedy series by Peter Tinniswood. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1989, as a series of six 30-minute episodes. It featured the return of Tinniswood's popular character Winston Hayballs, first heard in The Village Fête[1].


Nancy has recently moved to the village with her sister Rosie, her brother William and her father. When Winston the local poacher and handyman is thrown out by his wife he invites himself to stay with them.


Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin


Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "A Happy Family" 26 April 1989 A manipulative rogue threatens a family's harmony.
02 "Weaving the Spells" 03 May 1989 Having been thrown out by his wife, the cordon bleu scoundrel moves into Nancy's house, uninvited.
03 "Without a Doubt" 10 May 1989 Nancy's brother William and sister Rosie are threatening to leave for London, and her father has become a secret drinker again.
04 "What Do You Reckon?" 17 May 1989 Rosie plans to go to London and set up house, and Winston hopes to have Nancy all to himself.
05 "Whacko Jolly Dee" 24 May 1989 Father's health gives cause for concern - especially when he gets better!
06 "The Village Fête" 31 May 1989 Father enjoys a remarkable recovery, while Nancy makes a big decision over the old rogue.

Critical Reception[]