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Yara by Mike Walker & John Dryden
Produced by John Dryden
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 16.05.2008
A Goldhawk Essential production
Length 43mins 59seconds
One of an occassional series of plays where the action takes place in real time: forty three minutes and fifty-nine seconds.
For other plays in the series see: Forty-three Fifty-nine Series


City worker Grant knocks over a young woman, apparently on the run from a sex trafficking ring.
He offers her a lift, but as their progress through London is halted by traffic gridlock, he discovers that she is not what she seems.
He finds himself caught up in in an unfolding catastrophe in which many will die if he fails to act decisively.


  • Yara....Natasha Radski
  • Grant....Greg Hicks


  • Laurentiu Possa
  • Ery Nzaramba
  • Rachel Atkins

Critical Reception[]